Travis A Sharp

Travis A Sharp is a queer poet and book artist and has an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington, Bothell. Travis is interested in text-as-object, queer articulations, self portraiture, and post-genre art. Travis is co-founder/co-editor of Small Po[r]tions, a journal of experimental and intermedia writing and art, and Letter [r] Press, which publishes limited-edition chapbooks and art objects. Travis is co-curator of the interactive and collaborative text-generating project Blood of an Author Box. Travis works with the Bagley Wright Lecture Series on Poetry and tutors and teaches writing at UW Bothell. Travis has previously exhibited work at Gallery 1412 in Seattle and at the Alabama Center for the Arts; Travis' writing has appeared in or is forthcoming from Big Lucks, Entropy, The Conversant, Pacifica Literary Review, Tinderbox Poetry, Belleville Park Pages, Deluge, and others. Find more info at